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Land Laser Leveller

A land laser leveller is a type of agricultural equipment used for precision grading and leveling of land for farming purposes. It uses laser technology to accurately measure the land surface and adjust it to the desired level. The laser leveller can improve crop yield and save water by ensuring that water and nutrients are distributed evenly on the field.

Rice Nursery Raising Machine

A rice nursery raising machine is a type of agricultural equipment used to automate the process of growing rice seedlings in a nursery bed before transplanting them to a rice field. The machine is designed to create a leveled and moist seedbed, sow the rice seeds, and cover them with soil.


Wheat straw chopper machine

A wheat straw chopper machine is a piece of agricultural equipment used to chop and spread straw after the wheat has been harvested. The machine is used to chop the straw into small pieces and spread it evenly over the field. This helps to reduce the amount of organic matter in the soil and provides a mulch that can help to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

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